Help Orb reach back home! 

Some where in a far away galaxy, Orb is travelling back home from a day's worth of hard work. All of a sudden, his spaceship gets hit by an unforeseen asteroid and was forced to crash land in a foreign planet. However, he soon discovers that he is not alone... 

Orb's Odyssey is made for Beginner's Game Jam #3 (2020).

How To Play:

  • Use A and D to move left and right
  • Hold W to transform to remain undetected
  • Use S to fall through platforms
  • Press space to Jump

Goal: Collect all the items in the level to go to another planet

Best Experience in Full Screen!

Comment your best times down below!

Thanks for Playing!


Programmers: phuynh55, XclaimR

Design: Odd_Sheep, QuineaPig

Sound: AudioJim


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I really like the presentation, the intro gave me Super Metroid vibes. The gameplay is smooth and the concept is fun!

Thanks alot for playing


The different alien designs are really creative and the game itself is fun to play. Nice work!

Thank you so much!!!


Very cool, good music, fun mechanics, love the graphics :)

Thanks for playing!


I do like the music. The game play is pretty smooth. The little hop of the main character is kinda cute. The design is a little too much the same between levels but otherwise pretty fun.


Thanks for the feedback!